Columbus Day: Should United States celebrate Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the New World ?

Getting rid of Columbus Day entirely is a sad development

October 14 is Columbus Day — except in a growing number of cities and states that instead recognize Indigenous People’s Day. This trend is a sad development.

Columbus Day

Columbus Day

There is no particular reason the United States needs to celebrate Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the New World. In any of his voyages, he never touched upon land that became part of the 50 states. As a representative of the Spanish crown, his discoveries did not directly lead to the English settlement that gave rise to our country. Columbus Day originated in the United States primarily as a way for Italian American immigrants (Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy) to celebrate their status in their new land. As Italian Americans are no longer subjected to the significant prejudice that marked their arrival last century, they could abolish Columbus Day celebrations entirely and most people would not terribly miss them.

But what do you think? Should United State still celebrate Columbus Day ?

Credit: Washington Post

Aliyu Abdullahi