Bomb Cyclone: Winter Storm Approaching U.S

Bomb cycloneBomb cyclone

Storm approaching Southern California As Thanksgiving Nears

Weather forecasters and numerous people on social media have been calling the storm approaching California this week a “bomb cyclone”.

Bomb cyclone
Bomb cyclone

Travelers are warn to be cautious and prepare for delays as two powerful back to back storms is said to hit the western and central U.S. this week.

This is the work of a weather phenomenon known as bombogenesis, which creates “bomb cyclones”. Bombogenesis occurs when a mid-latitude cyclone rapidly intensifies, as measured by the pressure at the storm’s core dropping by at least 24 millibars over 24 hours. Forecasts show that the storm could see air pressure in its center plummet by about 40 millibars in 24 hours, easily earning the “bomb cyclone” moniker.

“This is unprecedented storm given the track and strength and will be very dangerous conditions to the area.”

Bomb Cyclone
Bomb Cyclone


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