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If you have lived in Abuja for more than a year, you should understand the term “fake Abuja big girl” or FABB.

These are the girls who are usually very attractive, own all the Apple products in this world, live in N1million flats in Maitama, but if you check their background, their parents are struggling in their various villages.

Enough said, let me educate you

12. She Is A Tease

Go on her instagram page number one her name is either Janethebosschick or firstadyzainab or priciliathegoddess or one kind of funny looking name like that, then she is always posting suggestive photos teasing all these Hot small boys on the gram who are always commenting telling her how beautiful she is.

Its either she is stylishly showing of bum bum or it will be her bobby.

11. Balling for the Gram

When going through her instagram Photos you will notice she is either in one five star hotel or another, then she is eating lunch at a very expensive chinese restaurant, she is always on a plane, having unnecessary vacations in Dubai, My sister are you a travel Blogger?

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