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t is 2017 and one of the main highlights of a wedding would be the pre-wedding photos.

Planning a wedding photo shoot might seem like a huge task, especially for many of those who are not exposed to such in our day to day activities.





There are endless things to prepare, such as your outfit, location, props,  hairstyle, lighting, weather, poses and more. Pre-wedding photos are also the photos which friends and family would upload as they toast the couple on their big day.

Here are a few tips you should know before you begin to plan that pre-wedding shoot.

1. Know your budget

While doing all these, you should also know that you still have your big day ahead of you and you would have more expenses. Your shoot does not have to be expensive before it goes well.

You do not want to spend unnecessarily on your pre-wedding shoot so check your budget, discuss with your spouse and decide how much is going for the photo shoot. This would help put things in perspective.

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