Now things are getting very expesnive than we can expect due to high in demand that people had for those beauty chemically made products, but to help you focus on some other things rather than on those beauty products I’ve outline some ingredients readily available in your kitchen that will help you to get beautiful and glowing skin without spending even a single dollar to buy anything, due to all ingredients that would be used I can guess that they’re already available in your kitchen those ingredients are very good for your skin complexion and are extra-virgin olive oil, honey and baking soda.

Honey hydrates your skin and restore moisture. The honey can itself fight bacteria tighthens the pores on the skin and gives protection to your skin against ultraviolet rays damage and premature wrinkles.



Olive oil and honey provide your skin with softness and smoothness through their moisturizing properties and the olive oil has the ability of penetrate down and deep into your skin to help reduce blemishes, repair the skin and promote elasticity.

A gentle exfoliant is the baking soda which boost circulation and reduce redness caused by breakouts. It removes the excess oil and dead skin cells thereby treating acne and pimples.

These ingredients are not greasy and drying and good for all skin types with no exception to any skin type.


How To Make Beautiful Skin Face Mask At Home



Extra-Virgin Oil

Baking Soda







In a bowl put in one tablespoon of extra-virgin oil.

Add one 1/2 teaspoon of honey

Now, add one teaspoon of baking soda in the bowl.

Mix and stir the mixture to form a paste

Now your scrub is ready for use.



How To Use:

Wash your face, do not leave it to dry.

Now spread the face mask on your damp face to your neck.

Wait for 10 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water.




Note: if you experience and oily skin after using the homemades face mask, apply moisturizer or a toner.

For a beauty skin and soft glowing with beautiful skin, use this homemade face mask at least 1 or two time a week.

Things that damage the skin are the acne, scars, wrinkles and dark circles among other skin problems these are the most common one because no one can skip ance problems and wrinkles, but some wrinkles can be tackled with some home remedies.

There are many and more products that can treat home remedies in the market, that’s also good for you, but the homemade remedy to treat acne, scars, wrinkles and dark circles are highly recommended for to treat those prolems, because its believe to have no side effect on your skin even if it is used for longer period, till now there is no any side effect observed from those homemade remedy, but the products available in the market, some can even cause some side effect if its used for longer periods because of the chemical used in them.



So don’t be discouraged to buy products from the market, but this homemade remedy that I’m about to show you how to, is highly beneficial to your skin in term of its healthiness. And something important about this home remedy is that all the ingredients can be found in your kitchen like the turmric is yellow in color and can fight free-radicals damage because of it the antioxidant property contained in the turmeric and another thing about the turmic is that it can help in providing flawless skin.

In the treatment of acne, scars, wrinkles, dark circles turmeric is very important because of it antibacterial property which help to kill the propionibacterium acnes, which is one of the cause of acne. It reduces inflammation, pain due to it anti-inflammatory property contained. Apart from turmeric there are other ingredients that improve healthy skin which are coconut oil, yogurt and honey.



Coconut oil has the benefit of antibacterial and antioxidant to your skin, and it help fades away scars and blemishes and can help maintain younger looking and beautiful skin.

The ingredient that contain lactic acid that can help in removing the dead skin cells is yogurt which also contributes alot in mainating the pH level of the skin.

The problem of acne, scars, wrinkles, dark cirles infuriate both the old and younger ones, but don’t worry the turmeric is here to do the job fo getting rid of all those irritating problems.



How To Make Turmeric Recipe


Turmeric powder (organic)

Extre-virgin coconut oil








Put in a bowl 1 tablespoon of yogurt (do not add the whey)

Add 1 teaspoon of raw honey.

Now, add 1 teaspoon extra-virgin coconut oil.

Add 1 to 3 teaspoon of turmeric powder.

Mix all the ingredients together to form a smooth paste.



How To Use:

Wash your face with water, do not let it to completely dry off, let it damp.

Apply the face mask with a clean soft brush or hand.

Leave it to last for 15 minutes on your face.

Now, wash your face with slightly warm water.

For better treatment and flawless skin use this remedy 1 or 2 times a week.



Important Guides:

Make sure your hands or brush are clean before applying the face mask.

To seperate the whey from the yogurt hang the yogurt in a muslin or plain weave cloth for few hours.

To avoid inflammation do not squeeze your acne.

Avoid exposure to sun, because it worsen the condition.

Wear long sleeves, wide brimmed hat and pants when going out of the sun.

Drink a lot of water and eat a healthy diet for healthy skin.

Always remember to remove your make up before going to bed.

Don’t forget to wash your face 1 or 2 times daily with a cleanser.

Sleep upto 5 to 8 hours daily for better and healthy skin.

Hair loss is a very big problem that need to be considered, our entire beauty is dedicated to how our hair looks like, may be it’s style shiness, and thinness of the hair.

If you’re suffering from hair loss in case due to some reasons, onion juice can be effective in dealing with your problem like it hair loss and thin hair, the sulfur content in the onion can improve blood circulation promotes hair growth and increase follicles, the onion can also treat some hair problems like scalp infection, dandruff and white hair problem (premature grey hair). The main hair building block is sulfur which is required for its healthy collagen and keratin, also sulfur content is found in quite number of lots of amino acids which is the building block of protein, and the keratin protein have a large amount of sulfur-containing amino acids.




Honey is also another important ingredient that would increase smoothness and shinness to the hair due to its antioxidant property and can attract mositure.



How To Use Onion Juice Treat Hair Loss








Mixing Spoon

Essential oil

Measuring spoon




Blend a peeled onion

Put the blended onion in a strainer to strain the onion juice into a bowl.

Now, add 1 teaspoon of honey to the bowl of strained onion.

You can add some few drops of any essential oil of your choice. (This step is optional)

Now the onion juice made together with honey to treat hair loss is ready.




How To Use:

Apply gently to your scalp with the juice.

Use a shower cap to cover your hair for 30 minutes.

Now wash your hair with water.

Note: You can also leave the juice to last a night on your hair and rinse off your hair in the morning.

Face mask are very effective in dealing with acne and also removing the acne scars, which include importants ingredients that would beautify your skin and get rid of acne problems, and other related ones.

Honey is very important in making homemade mask because it can help hydrate your skin, and it can preserve moisture in your skin to keep it soft, and can take away the dead cells in the skin and also can help renew the skin cells. It’s one of the most important home remedy for acne treatment due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it reduce the inflammation and redness caused by acne. Raw honey is recommended rather than processed one.




Best important ingredients such as cinnamon, apple cider vineger, turmeric, milk and green tea can treat acne and scars associated with it.

Honey and cinnamon both has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Apple cider vinegar contain alpha hydroxyl acids helps dissolves away dead skin cells. Apply cider vinergar restore the pH level of the skin and minimize the pores, and also treat blemishes.

Green tea is loaded with anti-infalmmatory, and antioxidants that naturally fight harmful free radicals that makes your skin more brighter, and maintain flawless, and younger skin.

Lactic acid that is found in raw milk work as a gentle exfoliant and provide the benefits of anti-aging.

Turmeric is also very effective in treating most of the skin problems asscoiated with acne, and other skin problems, it has the antioxidant, andti-inflammatory and antibacterial process, and it also fades away the acne scars and blemishes.

In order to achieve a beautiful skin on your face be sure to remove your make up by washing your face thoroughly to avoid any side effects, so that the face mask would be able to penetrate deep into the skin.

In this post I’m sharing with you how to make acne face mask with Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Sugar and Green Tea.




How To Make Apple Cider Vinegar Acne Face Mask



Apple cider vinegar



Greent Tea





Procedure to Make Apple Cider Vinegar Acne Face Mask

In a bowl add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

Add 2 cooled teaspoon of green tea.

Add Five teaspoon of sugar to the mixture.

Now, add 1 teaspoon of raw honey.

Now stir the mixture for few minutes.

Now gently scrub the mixture on your face remove the dead skin cells and provide improvement in circulation.

Sugar content in this recipe would exfoliate to break up the scar tissue and prevent blackheads and unclog skin pores.

The mask should be on your face for 10 minutes before washing your face with water.

Most of the things that are termed uncomfortable for human, stuffy nose is one of them, because it make you to totally feel annoyed and uncomfortable.

Stuffy nose is believed to be caused due to the excessive mucus in the nose, but not, the stuffy nose is the symptom of inflamed blood vessels in the sinuses which can happen due to the flu, cold and allergies. And sinus infection is also one of the cause of the stuffy nose.

There is no exception as both adult and children can suffer from the problem of stuffy nose, and in infants the case is different because is considered to be a big problem as it can cause difficulty in breathing for infants, and it may lead to the lose of their life, that’s very bad but we don’t want such thing to happen.

So to get rid of the stuffy nose problem that’s why I tried to wrte on how to deal with the problem, stuffy nose is not alone because it is always accompanied and supported by other sypmtoms like sneezing, coughing, breathing difficulty, sinus pain, build up of mucus in the nasal passages, hoarse voice, watery eyes, mild fever and headache.

And stuffy nose can become another problem if left untreated because it can cause ear infection restlessness and sinus problem. Though the porblem of stuffy nose can be treated through different ways due to the availability of so many effective home remedies that can bring releif from stuffy nose by clearing the nasal passages.



Remedy 1


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cide Vinegar

To clear the nasal passage in order to get releif from the stuffy nose, apple cider vinegar is very important for that. It helps to thin the mucus due to its high potassium content, and it has acetic acid that prevents the growth of the bacteria and speed up the process of the healing.




Add 2 tablespoon of unfiltered apple cider vinegar in one cup of warm water.

Add 1 tablespoon of raw honey into the cup.

Drink this solution twice daily.



Other procedure:

Mix 1/2 cup of water and apple cider vinegar together.

Now, boil the mixture.

Remove it from the heat.

Now cover your head with the mixture and inhale the steam with your eyes closed.

Do this 2 or 3 times a day.





Remedy 2

Steam Inhalation

If the steam is infused with some effective remedies, it can help and promote relief from stuffy nose.

This steam works and as expectorant that would help in clearing the blockage. It would help to keep the sinus moist by bringing relief from the blood vessels infalmmation which is the main cause of stuffy nose.




Get a small pan and fill with water

Allow it to boil, then off the heat.

Add some few drops of eucalyptus essential oil or peppermint into the hot water. (Note: This is optional)

Now lean to the pan and cover your head with a towel.

Then, inhale the steam for few minutes.

Repeat this 2 or 3 times daily.

Note: Children under 12 years, pregnant women, and those suffering from heart condition or a central nervous disorder and high blood pressure are not recommended fro this because it’s not suitable for their health.




Remedy 3



This has a great important to human and one of it’s important is that it helps to cure stuffy nose. It helps to get rid of the blockage due to its expectorant and decongestant properties, and it also strenghthen the immune and reduce the risk of inflammatory symptoms which would fight the infection and clear the blockage.





Boil 1 cup of water

Add 2 to 4 garlic cloves to the boiled water.

Let the mixture simmer for 2 to 3 minutes.

Add 1/2 teaspoon of tumeric powder and stir it.

Add a little black pepper powder into the mixture.

Take this 1 or 2 times daily.

Making a cough syrup at home is very simple and the reason for this recipe is to help people treat cough at home without even buying from the pharmacy, and one thing is that all the ingredients that would be used in making this recipe are all natural and can be affordable, and are the most readily available natural remedies everywhere, the ingredients to make this recipe are ginger, glycerin and honey.



Fresh ginger root or rhizome isolated on white background cutout


Ginger is very effective in relieving sore throat and act as natural decongestant because of its antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-imflammatory properties. It contain oleo-resin component, with anti-tussive abilities, and it help to relieve and prevent cough.


Honey help to soothe the throat thereby calming cough, and it has the properties that help to fight the upper respiratory tract infections which are antioxidant and antimicrobial.


Lemon Juice


Lemon juice contain high vitamin C, which is very important for cough relief and combating colds. It also contain the antioxidant properties and antiviral and antibacterial prpoperies that fight infections.



Cough Syrup with Ginger, Lemon and Honey.


  1. Water
  2. Raw honey
  3. 2 lemons
  4. Knife
  5. Grater
  6. bowl and a strainer
  7. Mixing spoon
  8. Cups and spoons for measuring
  9. Jar (would be used for storing the syrup)




Cut a peeled ginger root into slices.

Using a grater grate 2 fresh lemon.

Add 1 cup of water into a saucepan.

Add 1/4 cup of the sliced gingers.

Add one and half to two tablespoons of the lemon grate.

Boil the solution and let it simmer for upto 5 minutes.

Now, strain the solution and keep it aside.

Pour into a saucepan 1 cup of raw honey, heat it but do not let it boil (Note: Use low heat for heating).

Mix the heated honey in to the strained ginger.

Now add the fresh lemon juice in to the mixture.

Heat the mixture over low heat and keep stirring it for 1 to 2 minutes.

Off the heat and transfer the solution into a jar.

Now, the cough syrup is ready for use.




1/2 to 1 teaspoon  after every 2 hours for children between 1 to 5 years of age.

1 to 2 teaspoon after every 2 hours for children between 5 to 12 years of age.

1 to 2 tablespoon after every 4 hours for children older than 12 years of age and adults.

And something amazing about this homemade cough syrup is that you can preserve it for a long because the honey contained in the cough syrup also act as a natural preservative.

How to treat cracked or dry lips with homemade scrubs

Chapped lips or I may say cracked lips are due to occur if exposed to cold weather.

Lips are the most important thing when it comes to beauty and carrying around chapped or cracked lips would make you feel guilty of yourself though you’re safe from any angle, but your lips would make you to even feel suspicious and sometimes even to be discouraged when you’re in the public. And getting rid of chapped lips has now become a problem because all other things that are meant to treat chapped lips are fake and unhealthy, but I would show you some important and healthy natural ingredient to use from you kitchen in order to get rid of chapped lips which is more likely to occur in the cold season or exposure to cold weather.

How to treat cracked or dry lips with homemade scrubs


3 Home of treatment of dry lips

Remedy 1



This ingredient is one of the most available ones and can be use to make lip scrub and can be used to make a body scrub.

The grainy texture in sugar can help in removing the dead skin cells away from the lips. Brown sugar is more considered form making lips scrub than the white granulated sugar. You can also alternatively try sufer fine sugar which is more smaller than other sugars if you have sore or sensitive lips.




Add a pinch of sugar together with a few drops of honey and mix together.

Apply the mixture on your lips and message gently for 1 minute.

Rinse it off using warm water and apply your lip balm.

Use 1 or 2 times a week.



Other Procedure:

Mix equal amount olive oil, sugar and lemon juice together.

Simply apply this mixture to your lip and scrub.

Wash it off with water and apply your lip balm.

Use 1 or 2 times a week.



Remedy 2



Honey mixed with sugar is one of the most important remedies, it moisturise you lips by taking away the dead skin cells on your lips.

Honey helps in restoring the moisture in your lips to prevent crack that are very painful because of its natural mosturizing properties. It can also help in making your lips pink or it restore the pink glow of your lips.

And the risk of cracked infection of the lips can be prevented by honey.




Mix 1 teaspoon of honey and little sugar together.

Apply this mixture and scrub it on your chapped lips with your finger for 2 to 3 minutes.

Now, wait for 5 minutes.

Then, clean your lips using fresh water and apply some coconut oil.

Use this mixture once a week.



Other Procedure:

Mix 1/2 teaspoon of honey each, gram flour and plain yogurt to obtain a paste.

Scrub the paste gently on your lips.

Wait for 10 minutes.

Wipe off the paste with finger or tissue and wash your lips with slightly warm water.

Do this procedure once a week.

More Info: You can also apply some pure and raw honey on your lips to last a night for a better hydrated lips.



Remedy 3



This is a good ingredient for making a very effective and useful lip scrub.

Almonds help lighten dark lips, soothing and moisturizing property of almonds helps to make the lip soft and supple, giving it more health.


Add 1 teaspoon of roughly grinded ground almonds in a small bowl.

Mix equal amount of 1 teaspoon each of honey, refines sugar and almonds oil together.

Message this scrub on your lips.

Now, wait for 2 minutes.

Use a soft toothbrush to scrub your lips gently.

Then, use a lukewarm water to rinse off your lips and rub almond oil.

Repeat the process 1 or 2 times weekly.

More Info: Before going to bed apply a mixture of equal amounts of castor and almonds oil together, it can help to get rid of dry lips and enjoy soft and pink lips.



Remedy 3



Strawberries especially the juicy ones are very important to your lips for several reason as they can help lighten your dark lips to make it more rosy pink and can help take away dead skin cells in your lips.

Strawberries has some vital minerals and vitamins which would help in keeping your lips healthy and beautiful.


Cut a piece of strawberry into half.

Slighly smash the halved part of the strawberry.

Now, gently scrub it on your lips for few minutes.

Leave it for 10 mminutes on your lips.

Then, use lukewarm water to rinse it off.

Do this 2 or 3 times a week.



Other procedure:

Smash 1 strawberry.

Mix a smashed strawberry with a little honey together to make a paste.

Gently rub the paste on your lips.

Now, wait for 10 minutes.

Then, Use lukewarm water to rinse it off.

Repeat the process once or twice a week.

How to get thick hair with natural home remedies

Hair is one of the major factor that enhance our beauty and physical appearance because no matter what we can’t hide our hair to the public only if necessary because the hair is regarded as an asset of beauty.

Factors that contribute to hair thinning are so much many that some are even unknown to you, but I’ve managed to bring out the most common ones which include hormonal imbalance, excessive physical stress, emotional stress, allergies, poor hair care, bad hair care products, wrong usage of hair products, and heredity is more considered to be the man cause if you’ve someone from your parents and relatives suffering the same thing.


So don’t be disturb even if you don’t have money to buy those hair care products because here I have outlined some natural hair care ingredients which can help you get a very thicker hair and also help in supporting hair growth and can treat some other hair disease and problems.

How to get thick hair with natural home remedies


Natural remedies that can help you get thicker hair

Remedy 1



Protein is a very great and important in the treatment that would yield to improved thicker and stronger hair. And for a protein treatment the ingredient to do the job is EGG.


Depending on the length of your hair take 1 0r 2 eggs.

Now wet your hair and apply the egg on your damp hair.

Leave it to last for 30 minutes on your hair.

Then, use shampoo and a slightly warmwater to wash your hair.

Repeat the process 1 or 2 times weekly.



Remedy 2


Olive Oil

This would promote body to your hairs and also strengthen and soften the tresses.


Apply warm olive oil and message to your hair and scalp.

Wait for 30 to 45 minutes.

Now, wash your hair using mild hair shampoo.

Other Procedure:

Mix olive oil and honey together

Apply the mixture obtained from above to your hair.

Leave it to last for 30 minutes on your hair.

Now, rinse it off with water.

You can use any of the above procedure 1 or 2 time weekly.



Remedy 3


Aloe Vera

This ingredient is very popular because of its importants, aloe vera can help in providing you with thicker hair and its moisturizing quality. It will also help restore the scalp pH balance.



Get the gel in the aloe vera extracted from 1 or 2 aloe vera leaves.

Gently rub the gel directly onto your scalp.

Leave it to sit on your hair for about 30 minutes.

Now, rinse it off using lukewarm water.

Always do this 1 or 2 times weekly.


Other Procedure:

Simply mix aloe vera gel with 2 teaspoons of coconut milk.

Now, apply it on your scalp.

Wait for at least 30 minutes.

Then, rinse it off and shampoo your hair.

Do this 1 or 2 times a week.



OR simple try the procedure below:

Simply take in 1 tablespoon of aloe vera juice on an empty stomach to obtain a better health and hair growth.

Dry Skin Treatment With Home Remedies

Winter is a great seoson with so many great benefits and importance, but something about the winter that most people doesn’t like is the problem dry skin. Though the dry skin is caused due to drop in the temperature and humidity and this makes the skin to become more dehydrated which can cause dry skin patches and also together with itchiness or irritation.

We are all stuck at the weather is the main factor or cause of skin dryness but there are other causes and reasons that leads to skin dryness.

Some cause of dry skin include exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, lack of moisture in the body, taking hot shower or bath, and also include some medical conditions like  diabetes, hyperthyroidism.

Dry skin would need an effective ingredient that would lubricate to make the skin rehydrated. There are so many natural ingredients that can help to treat skin dryness.

Dry Skin Treatment With Home Remedies


Remedy 1

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most effective ingredients for the treatment of dry skin problem, due to the present of enough amounts of fatty acids that can reimburse for any moisture loss in the skin.


It contain proten and Vitamin E that can help in retaining moisture in your skin.

It also contain antioxidant property that is good for health skin.

And because this oil is non greasy it can easily be absorbed by the skin.



How To Use:

Apply warm coconut oil on your skin before taking a shower or bath.

Apply gently so that the oil would get into the skin.

Wait for 10 minutes.

Then, take a shower or bath.

Repeat this once daily.

Note: If you’re having a extremely dry skin, you can gently message cocnut oil on your slightly wet skin just after a bath.



Remedy 2


Another moisturizer naturally loaded with antimicrobial, antioxidantand humectant properties.


It helps to make your skin more moisturized and smooth and soft.

It has some important minerals and vitamins that would promote healthy skin and heal skin tissue.

How To Use:

Simply apply gently some organic honey to your body.

Wait for 10 minutes.

Now, take a shower.


Remedy 3

Olive Oil

Olive oil is always considered when it comes to dry skin treatment.


It has antioxidants like Vitamin E which neutralize the oxidant that affect the free radicals which damage the collagen, and its believed to be main cause of dry skin.

It also conatin fatty acids which can help in soothing and conditioning of dry skin.


How To Use

Gently apply some slighly warm olive oil in your hands and other parts with dry skin.

Now slightly rub gently.

Wait for 10 minutes before taking a shower.

Then, apply a light moisturizer.

Note: Use this daily



Other Way To Use:

Add an ample olive oil to a 1 tablespoon of brown sugar to result into a paste.

Now, sligthly wet your skin and apply the paste.

Wait for 15 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.

Note: Use this once a week.

Ingredients for Gorgeous Skin, Healthy Hair and Strong Nails

We always spend some cash just for our beauty because we always want to look more beauitful than before and ever, but all those things we spend our money on everyday are not natural ingredients rather some are just a chemical mixture though some of those thing can do more harm than good to our beauty. The question is why do we spend money buying all those chemical products, the answer is that you never knew that natural ingredients that would substitute those product exist.

There are so many ingredients that you shouldn’t have ignored before.

Natural Ingredients for Gorgeous Skin, Healthy Hair and Strong Nails



Remedy 1


Olive Oil


Olive oil helps to keep the body shine, soft and also resilience to your hair due to its powerful emollient. It can easily gets to the hair shaft in order to help restore moisture to the hair.

It is also a very wonderful oil that is good for the skin and nails. Olive oil contain a monounsaturated fatty acids which protect the skin from photo aging that is caused by prolonged exposure to the sun and other ultraviolet light.

And so olive oil is a good ingredient for weak and brittle nails. The moisturizing property contained in the oil helps the oil in repairing damage and soften nails and cuticles.

You can include 1 or 2 tablespoons of olive oil in your diet daily to improve your health.

And it can be used to enhance beauty especially to your skin, hair and nails.



How To Use:

For Skin:

Apply or rub warm olive oil to your body.

Wait for at least 30 minutes before taking a shower.

Allow your skin to dry, then apply a light moisturizer.

To enjoy flawless skin use this daily.

For Hair:

Apply to your scalp with warm olive oil for some minutes.

Now, use shower cap to cover your hair and allow the oil to soak deep into the hair for about 40 to 45 minutes.

Wash your hair using shampoo as usual.

For better treatment, repeat the process two times a week.

For Nails:

Apply warm olive oil to your nails.

Now, wait for at least 15 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

Repeat this 2 or 3 times dialy for a healthy nails.



Remedy 2


Green Tea


Green tea has so many great benefits to your beauty. The high-quality anitoxidants present in the green tea helps prevent the skin from skin aging which was caused by the harful free-radical damage.

It also contributes a lot in reducing the sign of premature aging like wrinkles, saggy skin and age spots.

Green also help in regenerating and refreshing the skin. It can also be of help in treating skin diseases and wounds.

Green tea has also a great importance for strong and more healthier nails.

Drinking 2 or 3 times green tea daily would help in promoting healthy and beautiful skin, hair and nails.

The present of the catechins in green tea contain 5-alpha-reductase inhibiting properties that cntributes in blocking dihydrotestosterone, which was the main cause of hair loss. And the polyphenols in green tea do help in preventing hair loss particularly in the rodents.



How To Use:

For Skin:

Use 1 or 2 green tea bags (already used green tea) and pour the content into a bowl.

Now, mix 1 teaspoon of honey and a little amount of lemon juice to the content bowl.

Clean your face then gently apply the mixture on your face.

Then, wait for 10 minutes before washing your face.

Repeat this process at least 1 or 2 times a week.

For Hair:

Depending on the length of your hair, brew 3 to 4 cups of green tea.

Now, allow it to cool.

Then, pour it on your hair and allow it on your hair for 10 minutes.

Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair.

for better hair growth and nourishment use this 2 or 3 times a week.

For Nails:

Simply brew 1 cup of green tea.

Now, add some few drops of wheat germ oil and allow it to cool.

Put in your nails inside for 10 to 15 minute.

Do this at least twice a week.